We're Proud of Our Fear Free Certified Staff


Veterinary hospitals can be a scary place. At Temperance Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to creating a friendly, calm, and more relaxing environment for our four-legged guests. This means that members of our staff have undergone education and training to become Fear Free Certified professionals! The Fear Free initiative is an important program that teaches animal hospitals to be more welcoming places for pets. This encompasses many areas, including handling, interior orientation, vaccinations, anesthesia, pet transportation and more. 

Our Fear Free Certified staff members have completed all modules and passed all tests to obtain their certification. We invite you to read on and learn more about what Fear Free entails, and how it benefits companion animals. 


What Is Fear Free?

The Fear Free program was established to help more pets receive essential veterinary care. Furthermore, it gives animal hospitals an opportunity to practice safer and more humane medicine. By showing pets that they have nothing to fear at our hospital, they will be more cooperative and relaxed during treatment. Pets that are more receptive to treatments are easier to bring to the vet, and will receive the routine care they need. With routine veterinary care, pets are more likely to live long, happy lives.

Some of the Fear Free practices we implement at Temperance Animal Hospital to make your pet want to come back again include:

  • Bringing pets into exam rooms sooner to reduce encounters with other animals
  • Using feline and canine pheromones to calm nervous pets
  • Avoiding sudden movements and loud, abrupt noises; speaking in lower voices
  • Encouraging the use of pet carriers with removable lids so we can examine them in the carrier
  • Examining pets on the floor or in their owners' laps where they feel more comfortable
  • Minimal handling
  • Being able to identify and anticipate potential stressors so we can minimize them
  • Treats reward and relax pets, while taking their mind off their visit

We would be happy to answer your questions and advise you on any pre-visit recommendations. Please call us at (734) 847-6751. 


The entire staff at TAH are so wonderful. Every time I have taken our dogs there we have received amazing care and service. Just recently we had a very frightening emergency with our youngest beagle. I went in hysterically crying and due to the nature of her injury we were there a long time deciding what to do. We were given all the time we needed, never being rushed. I love everyone there!
-Amy C.

Have been using Temperance Animal Hospital for the past 17 years. Always excellent care of my dogs.. I would highly recommend
-Pat R.

When I tell Darla annd Nora we're going to see Dr. Smith they act like kids going to Cedar Point they love it there
-Connie E.

Amazing staff who are incredibly educated and well informed. Top notch veterinary care!
-Sabrina M.

We took my beautiful, 20 year old cat in today, knowing he would probably have to be euthanized after suffering a stroke. We were heartbroken, of course, but the staff at TAH could not have been more caring and compassionate from the second we walked in the door.
They were sensitive to our pain, and so very respectful and caring with my baby. Thank you to the caring professionals who helped us today.

-Debbie G.


Temperance Animal Hospital

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