Canine Influenza Update July 2018

As you may know, there have been press releases regarding a “Canine Influenza Outbreak in the Metro-Detroit Area”. The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association has verified that there have been at least four cases of H3N2 Canine Influenza in Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties. The H3N2 strain is the “newer strain” of Influenza. You may recall that this is the strain of influenza that was suspected to have originated in South Korea (2007) and made headlines due to an Outbreak in the Chicago area in 2015.


There are five main causes of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD). The number one cause is Mycoplasma (a bacterium) that is not preventable with vaccinations. The second and third causes are Bordetella bronchiseptica (“Kennel Cough”) and Canine Parainfluenza virus (both of which are vaccinated against as a standard at TAH with the Bordetella and DHLPP vaccine respectively). The fourth cause is Canine Respiratory Coronavirus , which also has no vaccination available. Finally, the fifth cause is Canine Influenza which has two strains (H3N8 and H3N2) – both of which are covered in our Bivalent Influenza Vaccine.


Should your dog receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine? At TAH we consider this to be a Lifestyle Vaccine and not a Core-Vaccine. If your dog is going to be exposed to areas of high risk (Boarding, Grooming, Day Care, Behavioral Classes, Dog Shows, etc.) and you are concerned, then the vaccine is warranted. Typically, most dogs that require Bordetella Vaccination are likely good candidates for the Canine Influenza Vaccine. Please call our office and talk with one of our Health Care Team Members if you have any question regarding Canine Influenza or Vaccinations.

Good on-line resources include Zoetis’ information site at and Merck’s information site at Also monitor Temperance Animal Hospital’s Facebook page for updates from us as they become available.


Finally, if your dog is showing any signs of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (Coughing, Nasal Discharge, Unusual Lethargy, with or without a fever)—especially if they have been at a Boarding/Grooming/Day Care Facility within the past few weeks– you should schedule an appointment with one of Doctors for a Medical Evaluation. You will be asked to keep your dog in your car until an appropriate Infectious Disease Exam Room is available.

At this time, panic is NOT warranted….but prevention and common sense precautions are! If you have any questions about CIRD, Canine Influenza or Vaccinations please do not hesitate to call and talk to one of our Health Care Team Members.


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