We’re Proud of our Pet Friendly Focus to Medical Care in Temperance, MI

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Fear Free Certified Practice in Temperance, MI

Veterinary hospitals can be scary – we understand. At Temperance Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to creating a friendly, calm, and more relaxing environment for our four-legged guests. This means our staff has undergone specialized training to ensure that we can care for your pet in the lowest stress manner possible. We love it when our patients enjoy coming to see us, and for those who don’t, we trust that you will find our staff ready and willing to help you before your leave your house until you are back home again!

Let your pet experience a stress free visit with our team by calling us at (734) 847-6751.


What is a Pet Friendly Approach?

What started as a full staff certification process in the “Fear Free Program” has evolved into a culture at Temperance Animal Hospital that focuses on helping more pets receive essential veterinary care. Its goal is to give us an opportunity to practice safer and more humane medicine. By showing pets that they have nothing to fear at our hospital, they will be more cooperative and relaxed during treatment. Pets that are more receptive to treatments are easier to bring to the vet and will receive the routine care they need. With routine veterinary care, pets are more likely to live long, happy lives.

Some of the Pet Friendly practices we implement at Temperance Animal Hospital to make your pet want to come back again include:

  • Bringing pets into exam rooms sooner to reduce encounters with other animals
  • Using feline and canine pheromones to calm nervous pets
  • Avoiding sudden movements and loud, abrupt noises; speaking in lower voices
  • Encouraging the use of pet carriers with removable lids so we can examine them in the carrier
  • Examining pets on the floor or in their owners' laps where they feel more comfortable
  • Minimal handling
  • Being able to identify and anticipate potential stressors so we can minimize them
  • Treats reward and relax pets, while taking their mind off their visit

We would be happy to answer your questions and advise you on any pre-visit recommendations. Please call us at (734) 847-6751.