Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs and Cats in Temperance, MI

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We are equipped to perform a multitude of soft-tissue surgeries to benefit our patients, but we are also proud to be able to offer a variety of orthopedic surgeries for dogs and cats here at our animal hospital in Temperance, MI. Orthopedic surgery tends to be more complex by nature as it involves the repair of bones and joints, which directly affect your pet’s mobility and thus have a major impact on their quality of life.

Many general practices do not offer this service, so we are happy to meet the needs of pets with bone fractures, ligament injuries, and other orthopedic issues.

Does your pet have an orthopedic issue that is causing them pain and lameness? Contact us today at (734) 847-6751 to discuss their treatment options.

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Orthopedic Procedures Performed at Our Hospital

Our orthopedic-focused veterinary surgeon can perform the following orthopedic surgeries:

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament repair (extra-capsular)
  • Femoral Head & Neck Ostectomy
  • Fracture repair
  • Bone plating
  • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy)
  • Amputation

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

Orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats is subject to the same rigorous safety protocols as all other surgical procedures at our hospital.

Every patient has a physical examination and blood work done before they go into surgery so we can administer anesthesia according to their individual needs. Our surgical suite also uses advanced monitoring equipment so we can measure your pet’s heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, temperature, CO2 levels, and blood pressure.

The veterinary surgeon will be assisted by an experienced veterinary technician, who will monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure.

How Long Will My Pet’s Recovery Be?

Every pet is different, and there are several factors that will determine the length of their recovery. Age, size, breed, condition, and the type of procedure your pet received will all play a role in their recovery. Younger pets may experience a shorter recovery period than older pets, and pets with a more severe condition will likely take longer to recover than pets with less severe conditions.

For more information about orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats at Temperance Animal Hospital, please give us a call at (734) 847-6751.

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