Oncology and Chemotherapy for Dogs and Cats in Temperance, MI

Chemotherapy for Dogs and Cats in Temperance, MI

Our pets can develop benign or malignant tumors just like we can. The word "tumor" on its own can be a little scary, but not all tumors are life-threatening. At Temperance Animal Hospital, we have all the necessary skills and equipment for detecting, diagnosing and treating tumors in pets.

If your pet does receive a cancer diagnosis, we understand how stressful and upsetting this can be. Your pet occupies a very important place in your life--and your heart. While the situation may seem beyond your control, our team will help you take action and make the most appropriate choices towards your pet's treatment. There is always hope for recovery, and we will be here to support you every step of the way. 

Chemotherapy for Dogs in Temperance, MI

Common Types of Pet Cancer

Like humans, some animals may be more susceptible to developing cancer than others. However, there are several types that we commonly treat, including:

  • Lymphoma - lymphatic cancer
  • Mast cell tumors - skin tumors in dogs
  • Osteosarcoma - cancer that starts in the bones
  • Mammary tumors - breast cancer

Treating Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Detection is the first step in diagnosing a tumor. We offer various diagnostic tools for identifying and diagnosing tumors, along with several treatment options. Choosing a safe and effective treatment plan is our highest priority.  


  • Digital X-ray and ultrasound - for detecting tumors and other growths
  • Blood screening - there is no special blood test that can tell us whether or not a pet has cancer, but certain tests can alert us to internal problems including unusually high blood cell count or elevated blood calcium levels
  • Biopsy - a surgical measure; involves removing a sample of cells or tissue from a growth for laboratory analysis
  • In-House Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) cytology - for sampling the composition of lumps and bumps by extracting cells, smearing them on a glass slide, then staining the specimen so we can view it under a microscope

We are proud to have a skilled team that can interpret cytologies and obtain quick, in-clinic results. Our licensed technicians have undergone additional training to become chemotherapy technicians and are highly involved with every cancer treatment we provide.

Dog playing outside with its owner: Chemotherapy for Pets in Temperance

Treatment Options

Once we have made the most accurate diagnosis possible, we will move into the treatment phase and work with you to choose the best options. Surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and referral for radiation therapy are treatments that we can utilize. In some cases, we may use more than one for optimal results. How your pet responds to treatment will dictate our next steps.

A cancer diagnosis does not have to be the end of the line for your pet. We are fully committed to your pet's well-being and making sure we leave no stone unturned in their treatment. If you have concerns about your pet's health and need answers, please call us right away at (734) 847-6751.


TAH is an incredible place! They can get you in the same day you call! The animal techs are awesome with my dogs and take their time with kindness towards them! The Vets are very knowledgeable about problems my puppies have! An all-round amazing place!

-Kate L.

They treat my cats with the utmost respect and care, giving them full utility of all their 9 lives ❤

-Elena S.


Your service is fast and very good. I know that when I take Myra to your office that she is in great hands. Thank you for caring.

-Walt G.


I just came from needing to put to sleep my Furst baby. These were the most caring, compassionate doctors and tech I've ever encountered. They turned this heartbreaking event into a positive, heartwarming memory that I will never forget.

-Jamie C.

Your office and staff is exceptional. You saved my baby boys life and i cant thank you enough!! When someone said they were going to call they did right on time if not before and they sent me pictures on Tyson while he was there and answered all of my questions. Thank you and your whole staff again for caring for my boy!!

-Brittney P