Making A Healthy Start for
Your Pet with Vaccinations

2 dogs and a cat: Pet Vaccinations in Temperance

Your pet's care begins with you. Our team at Temperance Animal Hospital will provide a personalized preventative health plan for your companion. Pet vaccinations are a vital part of this plan--they keep animals protected from diseases they might encounter in their life. From their first months to their golden years, your pet should remain on a consistent vaccine schedule.

Getting Started

Pets should begin their vaccination program at their first visit. Our team takes pride in working with pet owners to create viable vaccine plans. Most of all, we want you and your companion to enjoy many happy, healthy years together. Vaccines are an effective way to strengthen your pet's immunity to disease, and help them live longer. 

Consequently, we recommend vaccinations for all of our patients. Core vaccines are incorporated into new pet exams to give them the healthiest start possible. Non-core or lifestyle vaccines can be added into your pet's health plan later, depending on their lifestyle, exposure risks and other factors. 

Vet kissing a puppy: pet vaccinations in Temperance
Cat lying on a towel: pet vaccinations in Temperance

Our Dog and Cat Vaccines

We carry core and non-core vaccines for both cats and dogs:


  • Rabies (core)
  • Distemper-hepatitis-leptospirosis-parainfluenza-parvovirus (core)
  • Bordetella (non-core)
  • Lyme (non-core)
  • Bivalent canine influenza for both H3N2 & H3N8 strains* (non-core)


  • Rabies (core)
  • FVRCP (core)
  • Feline leukemia (core)

*Canine influenza is a growing concern here in Michigan and we want your dog to stay safe! If they regularly board, visit the groomer, go to daycare or interact anywhere else with dogs who may have not been vaccinated, we recommend the bivalent canine influenza vaccine, which protects against the H3N2 and H3N8 strains, and the Bordetella vaccine. Contact us for more information!

Why Your Pet Needs A Vaccine Schedule

Vaccines increase your pet's immunity to certain infections by triggering an immune system response. When we vaccinate your pet, their immune system produces antibodies to fight the infection. Early in their life, your pet will receive a series of boosters to build up their immunity. However, each vaccine's efficacy will decrease over time, making it necessary to re-vaccinate. Your veterinarian will let you know how frequently we'll need to vaccinate your pet throughout their life. Furthermore, if your pet's lifestyle happens to change, we can adjust their vaccination protocol to accommodate this change. 

Contact our hospital at (734) 847-6751 to learn more about our vaccines and how they can help your pet. We look forward to keeping them as healthy as possible during their life's journey!


TAH is an incredible place! They can get you in the same day you call! The animal techs are awesome with my dogs and take their time with kindness towards them! The Vets are very knowledgeable about problems my puppies have! An all-round amazing place!

-Kate L.

They treat my cats with the utmost respect and care, giving them full utility of all their 9 lives ❤

-Elena S.


Your service is fast and very good. I know that when I take Myra to your office that she is in great hands. Thank you for caring.

-Walt G.


I just came from needing to put to sleep my Furst baby. These were the most caring, compassionate doctors and tech I've ever encountered. They turned this heartbreaking event into a positive, heartwarming memory that I will never forget.

-Jamie C.

Your office and staff is exceptional. You saved my baby boys life and i cant thank you enough!! When someone said they were going to call they did right on time if not before and they sent me pictures on Tyson while he was there and answered all of my questions. Thank you and your whole staff again for caring for my boy!!

-Brittney P


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