1 dogs and 2 cats: In-House Pharmacy in Temperance

From parasite preventatives to antibiotics and more, our full in-house veterinary pharmacy carries only the highest-quality prescription medications. Furthermore, all of our products are fully guaranteed by our veterinarians, and medications are always kept up-to-date. An experienced staff member will prepare your pet's prescription for pick-up. Call us if you have questions about your pet's prescription, or would like to know more about the medications we carry at Temperance Animal Hospital. 

Vet holding a puppy: In-House Pharmacy in Temperance

Convenience and Safety in One

We understand that online shopping can be more convenient, but not all online pharmacies are created equal. Our online pharmacy carries the same veterinarian-guaranteed products as our in-house pharmacy, with the added convenience of having your items shipped directly to your home. 

Shop Online

Through our online pharmacy you can order parasite preventatives, chronic medications, and nutrition products whenever your pet needs them. Items can be shipped directly to your home, and you can also select the automatic shipment option for regularly scheduled deliveries. When you sign up with VetSource, you can skip the line and enjoy discounts on a variety of high-quality pet products.

All items offered through VetSource are safe, effective, and approved by Temperance Animal Hospital. If you have any questions about setting up a VetSource account, please let us know. 


TAH is an incredible place! They can get you in the same day you call! The animal techs are awesome with my dogs and take their time with kindness towards them! The Vets are very knowledgeable about problems my puppies have! An all-round amazing place!

-Kate L.

They treat my cats with the utmost respect and care, giving them full utility of all their 9 lives ❤

-Elena S.


Your service is fast and very good. I know that when I take Myra to your office that she is in great hands. Thank you for caring.

-Walt G.


I just came from needing to put to sleep my Furst baby. These were the most caring, compassionate doctors and tech I've ever encountered. They turned this heartbreaking event into a positive, heartwarming memory that I will never forget.

-Jamie C.

Your office and staff is exceptional. You saved my baby boys life and i cant thank you enough!! When someone said they were going to call they did right on time if not before and they sent me pictures on Tyson while he was there and answered all of my questions. Thank you and your whole staff again for caring for my boy!!

-Brittney P