Pet Dermatology is More Than Skin Deep

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Your pet's coat gives them all kinds of protection, but it can also hide skin problems. When your pet spends much of their time scratching and chewing at themselves, allergies, parasites or a fungal infection could be the culprit. Their condition could worsen if they continue to chew, lick and scratch, as this can damage their skin barrier and cause infection. The key to successfully managing the problem is to catch it early and implement treatment as soon as possible.

Temperance Animal Hospital offers comprehensive dermatology services, including reliable diagnostics and up-to-date treatments. If your pet has an infection on top of their allergies, we can help you manage both with ongoing medical and home care.

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What Conditions Can Cause Skin Problems in Pets?

Our pets are susceptible to a wide variety of skin problems that can lead to itching, discomfort, hair loss, and odor. 

Pets can develop skin problems due to:

  • Food allergies
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Ringworm
  • Sarcoptic and demodectic mange
  • Ear mites
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Pursuing the Best Treatment

Before we can treat your pet, we may need to follow up their physical exam with diagnostic testing. This may include:

  • In-house cytology
  • Skin scraping
  • Fungal testing
  • Skin biopsy
  • Allergy blood testing

Once we have confirmed our diagnosis, we can discuss treatment options for your pet. This can involve one or several different treatments, such as:

  • Apoquel: A canine oral anti-itch medication
  • Cytopoint: A canine injectable anti-itch therapy
  • Topical therapy and medicated shampoos
  • Immunotherapy
  • Dietary therapy
  • Supplemental therapy

Certain conditions, such as mange and ringworm, can take time to treat successfully. We will need to see your pet for frequent follow-ups to assess their progress and consider other options if necessary.

We Can Alleviate Your Pet's Discomfort

If your pet's scratching is keeping you awake at night, they likely have an allergy or infection requiring care. Your pet does not have to suffer in silence with their symptoms; one of our veterinarians would be happy to help you find a solution. Call us today at (734) 847-6751 to make an appointment. 


The entire staff at TAH are so wonderful. Every time I have taken our dogs there we have received amazing care and service. Just recently we had a very frightening emergency with our youngest beagle. I went in hysterically crying and due to the nature of her injury we were there a long time deciding what to do. We were given all the time we needed, never being rushed. I love everyone there!
-Amy C.

Have been using Temperance Animal Hospital for the past 17 years. Always excellent care of my dogs.. I would highly recommend
-Pat R.

When I tell Darla annd Nora we're going to see Dr. Smith they act like kids going to Cedar Point they love it there
-Connie E.

Amazing staff who are incredibly educated and well informed. Top notch veterinary care!
-Sabrina M.

We took my beautiful, 20 year old cat in today, knowing he would probably have to be euthanized after suffering a stroke. We were heartbroken, of course, but the staff at TAH could not have been more caring and compassionate from the second we walked in the door.
They were sensitive to our pain, and so very respectful and caring with my baby. Thank you to the caring professionals who helped us today.

-Debbie G.


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