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Is Your Cat Driving You Crazy???

As much as we love our furry feline friends, at times they can do things that test the limits of our patience. Many of these behaviors are actually normal for the cat and can become less of an “inconvenience” for us if we learn how to harness these behaviors and redirect them into more “appropriate” avenues. …

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Ten Steps to Housetraining Your Puppy

Are you having some difficulty getting your new (or not so new) puppy housetrained?  Here are some helpful hints to a clean and peaceful co-existence. 1)  Prevent opportunities for failure by not allowing your puppy to wander all over the house without supervision and by keeping your puppy confined to a small area (preferably a crate/kennel) when…

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Parasites, Prevention and You

Protecting your pets protects your family… this is one of the main reasons Temperance Animal Hospital recommends year-round parasite prevention for all pets. There are numerous unseen potential dangers lurking around our environment… many of which can be found in our own back yards.  Dogs and cats of any age or breed are susceptible to any and…

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