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It is Back to School Time – Let’s Think About Puppy Kindergarten

As the air gets crisper and the hours of daylight get shorter our thoughts naturally turn toward our (two-legged) children returning to school and our favorite college football teams hitting the grid-iron. With all of these scholastic themes in the forefront of our minds, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss and review why Temperance Animal Hospital believes…

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Fear-Free Fireworks and Weathering the Storm

With the recent 4th of July celebrations and the rash of storms we have been having, one of the more common questions we have been receiving at Temperance Animal Hospital is, “What can I do for my dog so that he/she is not so scared?”  Many dogs (and most cats) will go about their normal day-to-day business…

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Veterinary Myth Busting

There is a large volume of information and misinformation circulating out there about our pets.  Unfortunately some things that have long been held as “facts” just aren’t true.  Let’s talk about ten fairly common Veterinary Myths and the truth that lies behind them. 1)  “A wet nose is a sign of a healthy dog”     While it is normal for a…

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The Joys of a Mild Winter Give Way to Woes of an Early Allergy Season

Leaving behind one of the mildest winters in recent memory and moving into some early spring-like conditions means that we are seeing an earlier and more intense allergy season for us and our pets.  Allergies to fleas (which never really went into dormancy this past winter), pollens, grasses and trees are already starting to rev up this Spring.…

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Are All Pet Foods Created Equal?

You can walk into any pet store, grocery store or big box store and be faced with an overwhelming array of food choices to feed your dog or cat.  So, how does one make an educated choice when purchasing a diet for your pet? The first question to answer is whether your pet needs to be fed a…

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Food Does NOT Always Equate to Love!

We as humans have elevated eating to a social function. We bond as families around the dinner table, we catch up with old friends over pizza and beer and we wine and dine those we wish to impress.  This tradition can become dangerous, though, if we extend the same mentality to our four-legged companions.  When it comes…

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Things You Might Not Know Could Harm Your Pet

It can be difficult to keep your pet safe all of the time, but there are some common household hazards you should be aware of to prevent an unwanted emergency trip to your Veterinarian’s office. Rodenticides can be helpful at keeping unwanted mice and rats out of our dwellings, but if our pets find a hidden stash…

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Traveling Safely with Your Pets This Summer

We recently conducted a facebook poll asking “What is your favorite summertime activity to share with your pet?“…”Chillin’ in front of the A/C” was the #1 response. And with the hot and humid weather we have been having for most of the recent summer I can’t say I disagree!  One of the other popular answers…

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The “Dog Days of Summer” Aren’t Always So Canine Friendly!

Now that the thermometer is regularly topping out over 90 degrees (even here in the frozen tundra of Michigan!) it is a good time to review the prevention of heat stroke in our dogs and cats. Remember that dogs and cats do not sweat from their skin–they only have sweat glands on their paw pads…

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Is There Such a Thing as “Personal Space” with a Cat in the House?

Jumping on counters and interrupting our “beauty sleep” are two more behaviors that our cats seem to relish at the expense of our sanity.  Who wants to walk into the kitchen to find “Patches” chowing down on your freshly prepared dinner or have to explain to your co-workers that the dark circles under your eyes…

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