Veterinarian Lambertville, MI: Our Top Priority is Your Pet's Health

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Looking for a new vet near Lambertville, MI? Temperance Animal Hospital is just 6 minutes away and is the answer to your pet's needs.

With our attention to high-quality care and Fear Free Certified staff, know that we make every effort to provide your pet with the highest standards of veterinary medicine. That's why we have been in operation since 1978. See the difference today by calling (734) 847-6751 or make an appointment online.

What Makes Lambertville, MI, Such a Great Place for Pets to Call Home

Lambertville, MI, has plenty to offer nearby when it comes to activities for pets! There's nearby dog parks, and beautiful state parks that you and your pet can fully take in the view. There's also several restaurants and breweries nearby Lambertville that are dog-friendly. If you have friends or family visiting that will be bringing their best friend along, there's plenty of nearby hotels that are pet-friendly to stay at.

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Veterinary Services We Offer for Lambertville, MI Dogs and Cats

Our animal hospital offers a wide variety of services to make your experience as convenient as possible, while also striving to keep your pet feeling their best. These services include, but are not limited to:

Teeth Cleaning

Our veterinarians recommend regular teeth cleanings for dogs and cats. These procedures allow for the complete removal of tartar and calculus, which aids in the prevention of gingivitis and dental disease.

Wellness Care

With routine checkups, we can examine your pet from head to tail for any outward problems and do blood work to screen for internal illness, parasites, and other issues. The wellness visit is also ideal for updating your pet’s vaccines and parasite preventatives.


We highly recommend routine cat and dog vaccinations to protect your pet from illness. Our animal hospital offers vaccines formulated specifically for dogs and cats, with some vaccines being offered on a lifestyle basis.

In-House Diagnostics

Routine blood work helps our team understand your pet’s condition more fully and catch underlying diseases at the earliest possible stage.


We can provide cat and dog x-ray and ultrasound procedures to do more in-depth evaluations for your pet and make a more accurate diagnosis. With this extra layer of testing, we can provide better care with greater efficiency.

Laser Therapy

A non-invasive, drug-free way to relieve pain, our cat and dog laser therapy treatment can also soothe inflamed joints and help damaged tissues heal more quickly and effectively.

Parasite Prevention

Temperance Animal Hospital offers a broad range of cat and dog parasite prevention medications. With year-round protection, your pet can be kept safe from heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedics

Our veterinarians in Lambertville, OH can perform soft-tissue surgeries like spays, neuters, and mass removals, and some limited orthopedics for Lambertville, MI, pets.

Oncology and Chemotherapy

We’re here to support you after your pet’s cancer diagnosis. With our oncology services, including cancer diagnosing, pain management, and chemotherapy, we can help your pet maintain a comfortable life.


Dogs and even cats can develop allergies during certain seasons or as a result of a food allergy. No matter the cause, we will work alongside you to find a solution and bring relief to your pet.

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We Offer Puppy Training for Lambertville, MI, Canines

We're proud to offer training for Lamberville, MI, pups! Our Puppy Preschool is the place for your new best friend to socialize and to experience all the things that helps a puppy thrive. Our veterinarians recommend enrolling in puppy training in their first 6-16 weeks of life. Puppy training classes are a weekly series of four classes where puppies learn to socialize and positively behave.

In order for puppies to participate in puppy training, they must be up to date on the following vaccinations:

  • Bordatella

Puppies also need to have tested negative for intestinal parasites. An orientation class before Puppy Preschool is required.

Where to Find Us and Make an Appointment

With only a short 3.2 mile drive from Lambertville, MI, Temperance Animal Hospital is the clear choice as your pet's veterinarian. Head east on W Sterns Rd and we're located about 3 miles down on the right-hand side.