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Are you in the Monroe Charter Township, MI area and need a veterinarian? Our animal hospital is less than 20 minutes away! Since 1978, our practice has helped countless pets and their owners. We're dedicated to serving the community's pets with our Fear Free practices. Join us today by calling (734) 847-6751 or make an appointment on our website.

Your Pets Can Live Their Best Life in Monroe Charter Township, MI

Monroe Charter Township is a great place for you and your pets to thrive! Being next to Lake Erie makes for some fun beach times with water play! Nearby are several dog-friendly restaurants, pubs, and coffee bars for you and your best friend to retreat to. And any relatives or friends that are also pet owners will be happy to know there are lots of pet-friendly hotels nearby, too!

Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats in Monroe Charter Township, MI

We offer numerous services for your Monroe Charter Township, MI pet to keep them feeling their best:

Wellness Care

Your pet can’t tell us if they feel different or unwell, so it’s up to us to examine them at least once a year to check for problems. The wellness visit is also an opportune time to adjust your pet’s care if needed and replenish their parasite preventatives

Teeth Cleaning

It’s important to prevent tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth, as it can get under their gums and cause painful infections. By brushing their teeth at home and bringing them in to see us for routine dental checkups and cleanings, your pet can enjoy better oral health and a much happier life.


The dogs and cats of Monroe Charter Township, MI, are healthier and safer when they’re vaccinated. Their protection also protects the greater community by limiting the spread of disease! Talk to us about keeping your best friend safe with a tailored vaccine plan.

In-House Diagnostics

Temperance Animal Hospital uses a variety of diagnostic tools to evaluate your pet’s condition in depth and diagnose problems as early and as accurately as possible. We recommend routine blood work to make sure your loved one is healthy and to stay ahead of illness.


Our team employs imaging techniques including digital X-ray and ultrasound to view organ systems and diagnose underlying conditions. These tools help us obtain critical information about your pet and provide valuable aid in finding effective treatment solutions.

Laser Therapy

Pain relief and healing can be easier for your pet with laser therapy. Our laser treats a wide range of conditions in dogs and cats, soothing aches and pains and reducing inflammation. It also accelerates the healing process for an injury or surgical site.

Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedics

Our veterinarians near Monroe Charter Township, MI perform soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries to treat injuries, remove masses, and improve your pet’s quality of life. We follow the strictest and most ethical safety protocols and pain control guidelines to give your pet the best experience possible.

Oncology and Chemotherapy

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, know that there are treatment options. Our vets can provide thorough diagnoses and help you manage your pet’s condition with chemotherapy, thorough pain management modalities, and more.


Skin conditions are one of the top reasons for vet visits. If your dog or cat has itchy, red skin, contact us right away so we can give them relief and stop their condition from worsening. Allergies and skin disorders can be a hassle to deal with, but treatment is possible!

Puppy Preschool

Start your puppy off on the right paw with puppy training! There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a new puppy into your home, and our team is happy to help you socialize them and improve their interactions with people and other pets.

...and More!

More Info on Our Animal Hospital near Monroe Charter Township, MI

Just 14 miles away from Monroe Charter Township, MI, our animal hospital in Temperance provides everything your pet needs for their health. If you would like to make an appointment give us a call at (734) 847-6751..