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Temperance Animal Hospital has been a dedicated and loving veterinarian for the people and pets of Toledo, OH, since 1978. Today, we continue to practice our tradition of exceptional medicine that focuses solely on the needs of the pet and their owner, and what works best for them. When you become a part of our family, you can always expect the warmest customer service and personalized treatment. You can find comprehensive wellness care, dentistry, diagnostics, surgery, cancer care, and much more here at our animal hospital, so you can be sure that your companion’s every need is being met to the fullest.

Why Toledo, OH, is a Doggone Great Place for Your Dog

Toledo, OH, has lots of things to offer your best friend! There’s dog friendly parks, trails, even leash-free dog parks for your canine to roam and explore. There’s several restaurants and bars in Toledo that offer outdoor dining for your and your dog. And if your pet loving family is coming for a visit, rest assured there’s numerous pet friendly hotels in Toledo.

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Learn More About Our Veterinary Services

The goal of our veterinarians and staff is to provide a wide variety of services to meet our patients’ diverse and lifelong healthcare needs. Click on our services below to find out more about them:

Teeth Cleaning

We recommend routine teeth cleanings for dogs and cats to remove tartar buildup and prevent dental disease. Your pet will have a much better quality of life when they have clean teeth and healthy gums!

Wellness Care

Your pet’s wellness depends on regular checkups with your vet. During their wellness visit, your veterinarian will examine your pet from head to tail, screen for parasites and infections, administer vaccines if needed, and answer any questions you have about your pet.


Cat and dog vaccinations protect individual pets and the greater Toledo, OH community from all manner of diseases, including rabies and Lyme disease. We provide the highest-quality vaccines and administer them based on your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

In-house Diagnostics

We recommend routine blood work for dogs and cats to assess their health in more detail and develop a comprehensive health profile. Signs of illness can be subtle, so it’s important for us to utilize our animal hospital’s in-house lab to get the information we need.


Our animal hospital uses cat and dog x-ray and ultrasound technology to view various body systems and diagnose a wider range of conditions. These imaging tools are safe and effective and ensure a higher quality of care for your pet.

Laser Therapy

We offer cat and dog laser therapy for gentle, non-invasive pain relief. In addition to relieving acute and chronic pain, our laser can also reduce swelling and inflammation and increase healing following surgery or after an injury.

Parasite Prevention

Temperance Animal Hospital carries various cat and dog flea and tick prevention medications. Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention are necessary to protect your pet from parasites and the diseases they can cause.

veterinarian animal hospital toledo, oh

Soft Tissue Surgery & Orthopedics

Our veterinarians in Toledo, OH are experienced in performing all kinds of cat and dog surgeries. We can provide various soft-tissue procedures, along with some orthopedic surgeries.

Oncology & Chemotherapy

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t provide a good life for your dog. Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer, and our team is well equipped to diagnose, monitor, and treat your pet’s condition with chemotherapy and comprehensive pain management.


Cat and dog allergies are as common as human allergies. If your pet seems to be itching quite often, it’s possible they’re allergic to something! Our team can help relieve your pet’s itching and make their allergy more manageable.

Puppy Preschool

Looking for puppy training? Contact us about our puppy training class and learn how to teach your puppy basic social skills and commands, so they can have positive interactions with other pets and people.

Meet Our Vets & Staff for Toledo, OH, Pets

We’re extremely proud of the amazing doctors and staff we have on our team. Their commitment to your pet’s health and your continued satisfaction is second to none, because they love what they do. If you’re a new client of Temperance Animal Hospital, get to know our vet team before you schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you and your pet as well!

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Our Animal Hospital is Here for Your Toldeo, OH, Pets

We are excited to meet you and your Toledo, OH, pets! To schedule an appointment with our veterinarians, give our animal hospital a call at (734) 847-6751.